2021/08/30 New dual-curing potting compound for piezoceramics

Panacol is expanding its portfolio of dual-curing acrylic adhesives with the introduction of Vitralit® UD 8052 F. This material was developed for piezo actuators and sensors. It possesses a particularly high tear resistance for bonding ceramics and plastics.
隨著 Vitralit® UD 8052 F 的推出,Panacol 正在擴展其雙固化丙烯酸黏合劑產品組合。這種材料是為壓電執行器和傳感器開發的。它具有特別高的抗撕裂性,可用於粘接陶瓷和塑料。

Vitralit® UD 8052 F is a low viscosity, one-component UV curable adhesive. It is jettable, transparent, and fluoresces under UV light. Customized versions with different colors are available to facilitate improved process control. Its jet dispense capability makes high UPH (units per hour) values achievable, which is why Vitralit® UD 8052 F is the perfect choice for consumer electronics applications.
Vitralit® UD 8052 F 是一種低粘度、單組分紫外線固化黏合劑。它是可噴射的、透明的,並在紫外光下發出熒光。提供不同顏色的定製版本,以促進改進過程控制。其噴射點膠能力可實現高 UPH(每小時單位數)值,這就是 Vitralit® UD 8052 F 成為消費電子應用的完美選擇的原因。

This potting compound can be cured in just a few seconds with UV light (320nm - 390nm) or visible light (405nm). The fluorescing adhesive allows in-line process control with short-wave light for maximum productivity. In areas that cannot be reached by light, Vitralit® UD 8052 F post cures with atmospheric moisture, and thus polymerizes reliably into a flexible potting and glob top compound.
這種灌封膠可以在紫外光 (320nm - 390nm) 或可見光 (405nm) 下在幾秒鐘內固化。熒光黏合劑允許使用短波光進行在線過程控制,以實現最大生產力。在光線無法到達的區域,Vitralit® UD 8052 F 使用大氣水分進行後固化,從而可靠地聚合成柔性灌封和球頂複合物。

Its high tear resistance after curing has been optimized for bonding ceramic components to plastic, compensating for the different expansion coefficients of the bonded materials. Thus Vitralit® UD 8052 F is particularly suitable as a protective coating and for applications subject to tensile and compressive stresses. As a potting compound, it features a low halogen content, it is flexible and offers protection against corrosion and other environmental influences.  
 其固化後的高抗撕裂性已針對陶瓷部件與塑料的黏合進行了優化,補償了黏合材料的不同膨脹係數。因此,Vitralit® UD 8052 F 特別適合作為保護塗層以及承受拉伸和壓縮應力的應用。作為一種灌封化合物,它的滷素含量低,具有柔韌性,可防止腐蝕和其他環境影響。